About Windborne Communication Anna Windborne-Brown Sign- and Chart concepts, Graphic Design and Illustration During the past few years my company has primarily focussed on the design and implementation of art-inspired informational displays in the form of public space signs, illustrations and printed matter. Today, i have public-space signs installed all over Sweden, in Local Authority parks, National Parks, cultural sites, places of public congregation such as bathing areas-playgrounds-dog exercise areas and residential and commercial property areas. These signs describe the area and its cultural heritage, inform of local guidelines, rules and regulations, orientate the visitor with the use of stimulating art-inspired maps and enhance the public profile of the venue. My role is that of Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Project Manager. From idea to delivery .
I am continually developing new sign concepts, are always receptive to my Client’s wishes and always strive after achieving a high quality result. With regards to graphic design, i have over many years designed and produced high quality brochures, folders, presentation material, logotypes and websites. I have also been jointly responsible for a book entitled “Jyckelycka” which describes in text and pictures how to understand and train your dog. As Illustrator, i work a lot with the pictorial depictions of existing or future built environments, human activity and animal behaviour in varying situations and often with a sense of humour. I am also often involved in providing technical illustrations and explanatory documents, preparing illustrated turist maps, tables and graphics. Clients: These include public bodies, local authorities, industrial and service corporations, federations, advertising agencies, consultants and many other organisations. References: References can be provided upon request.